Monday, March 30, 2020

Who Do You Trust?

In today's Scriptures from Daniel and today's Gospel the focus is on rightful judgement.  Who are those judging - what are the claims - what is true - false - who stands to gain from the final decision.  One does not have to be an official judge - plaintiff - defendant - to be involved in situations that require inspection - discovery -  final decision.  Most of us will frequently be called upon to - pick a side - listen to the arguments - come to a decision.  Our days begin with the decision process - what time to get out of bed - what to wear - what to eat for breakfast - do we eat breakfast or skip it - where to go - what to do.  Luckily the majority of our decisions do not involve legal matters - rather personal choice - how to arrange our day.  On occasion - we might be called to add our voice in helping others to come to a decision.  Rarely do we become involved in legal matters - serving court duty. In all these matters - it comes down to who do you trust - can you make your own decisions - do you need help from others - better informed - wiser people.

In matters of faith - we only need to look at Jesus - to trust in His words - instructions - to live a good - proper life.  As our role model - Jesus showed us how to live - how to act.  In today's Gospel - He did not see the point of stoning the woman to death because of her sins - rather he offered His forgiveness - told her to go - sin no more.  He offers that same judgement to all of us - although sinners - we should not dwell on what we did wrong - rather learn from our mistakes -  move on with our lives - not repeating what was wrong.  As our time in Lent draws to a close - we need to trust that we have been learning how to be better people - to move from sin - into grace - with Jesus walking at our sides.  Constantly reminding ourselves - Jesus I trust in you.

Deacon Dale