Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Break

Spring Break - time away from work - studies - daily obligations. For most a well deserved time of respite - relaxation - travel - visiting new places - enjoying a holiday. Everyone deserves respite time - time for themselves - away from routine obligations - time to think - play - spend time with family - friends - staying home - a stacation - traveling away - a vacation. Some people - mostly younger adults - carry the spring break time to excess - traveling to the shores - warmer climates - time to lose themselves - their maturity - for the sake of excessive drinking - games - losing control - of morals - making bad decisions. For the beach communities - invaded by youth - out of control - a serious issue - for police - residents - those who exercise restraint. Spring break - originally a break from routine - never intended as a break from common sense - morality.

God wants us to enjoy our lives - His creations - the beaches - the lakes and oceans - the warm climate - fresh air - within reason. Even too much of a good thing - may become bad. Gathering in groups - nice - too many forming a group - uncontrollable mob. As we continue our Lenten exercise - here at home - away on spring break - Jesus asks us - in all things - moderation - consideration for others - reasonableness in our activities.  There is nothing wrong with good clean fun - as long as it remains - good - clean - fun - not at the expense of other's comfort. Taking a break from daily routine - highly approved by God - taking a break from morals - good manners - never approved. Jesus stands and watches - each of us - what will He see this spring break?

Deacon Dale  

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