Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Anger - defined by Wikipedia is an emotional response - related to one's psychosociological interpretation of having been threatened. There are many - various - forms of threat - physical - psychological - real - imagined. As a person interprets input from various sources - people - animals - weather - controllable - out of control - they have the ability to select a proper response. When threatened - the decision to act - react - up to the individual. An active response to defend - a passive response to ignore - within the control of the individual. When a person states - you made me angry - they are wrong - they should state - instead - I chose to become angry - in response to your - words - actions. Although admirable - anger is not the easiest thing to control - driven by emotions - sometimes low level - others highly driven. Call me stupid - easy to ignore - easy to avoid anger - insult my spouse - my child - my God - not as easy.

Jesus was the gentle prophet - walking through deserts - strange villages - through harsh terrain - to share God's story of love - acceptance. A simple message - delivered in love - with concern for others - to benefit others - not Himself. His message of living a good - moral life - angered many. They chose to react - not in love - with hate. He - attempting to spread peace - faced - unrest - scrutiny - fear. Even today He attempts to reach the lost - people on the fringe - the outcasts - meeting with anger - often. People fearing to allow Christ into their life - fearing conversion - angered that they are asked to change their life - for the benefit of themselves. Anger does not come from God - anger comes from fear - with Jesus - nothing to fear - with God - nothing to be afraid - except of your self. Giving up anger - the decision to be unhappy - yours. Waiting to help you cast your anger aside - to give you the inner peace you seek - Jesus - waiting - for you.

Deacon Dale