Saturday, March 28, 2015

Common Core

Just the mention of Common Core - enough to start a battle between those for - those against.  The Common Core State Standards Initiative details what kindergarten through twelfth grade students should know in English language arts and mathematics - revised systems - methods - in implementing the teaching of these subjects.  Most people seem to agree that what is suppose to be common - just the opposite. I have seen primarily the mathematics systems - not necessarily understanding the logic - defies common logic - causes much outcry. Bottom line - in my humble opinion - is attempting to change the way we educate children - to teach them - to think - not parrot back answers. Too true - many seemingly bright people - children and adult - know the answers - do not understand how they arrived at the answers - cannot comprehend the systems used to determine the answers. My proof - cashiers do not know how to make change - they  only follow what the system tells them to do - swipe card - hand out money - ask if there is anything else they can do for you - when requested - at a loss for the answer. Second proof - the degradation of the common English language - forget - Ebonics - slang - rap - look at - your - you're - there - their - they're - all abused daily at the finger tips of young and old alike.

Jesus came to Earth - to show men - women - youth - adults - that God has no preference - no favorites - no teacher's pet.  In the eyes of God - all are equal - all deserving His love - forgiveness - acceptance. With God there is a common core - one body - one humanity - One Love.  (Gal 3:28) There is neither Jew or Greek - male or female - slave or free - Jesus calls - to each of us - as we begin the holiest week of the year - He calls us to pray - fast - enter into the presence of His Father's love - the very common core of His existence - that you may live - have life to the fullest - no prejudice - no discrimination - tolerant of all - down to the common core.

Deacon Dale