Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Back to Back to Back

Visiting with friends today - afternoon at Spring Training - Cubs versus Indians - fun in the sun. Losing zero to four - Cubs at bat - home run - repeated - repeated - back to back to back. Of course - fans excited - cheering - screaming - three home runs in a row. Everyone loves back to back homers - wins - success. A special accomplishment - pride of accomplishment.

Wandering alone in the desert of life - often one wonders who has their back - who is there to offer guidance - support - encouragement - protection. Each of us is responsible for our own relationship with God - nobody can do this for us - we alone - are respoosible - for our decisions - our future. The only one who can help us - guide us - assure us - each step of the journey - Jesus. He alone - has our back - He alone stays with us constantly - He alone - no one else - only Jesus - again and again and again - back to back to back.

Deacon Dale