Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Roundabouts - fairly few in America - very popular in Europe - a traffic flow pattern designed to eliminate numerous issues with the standard intersection. With a roundabout - traffic flows constantly - no stop and go lights - no queuing up to wait your turn at the intersection. The standardized design was perfected in England.  America has approximately 3500 roundabouts - France has approximately half of all known roundabouts at about 30,000. I like roundabouts - many dislike them.  With so many American drivers failing to come to a complete stop at traditional intersections - roundabouts would answer those "rolling" stops.

God sent His Son to His people to teach them in a manner they could understand - most common - the parables - a roundabout way - to draw people into His stories - to inform - educate - inspire - warn.  Jesus' stories were to the point - not necessarily in a straight path - bending to meet the needs of His audience - easy to understand - comprehend.  Over the years the same message - spoken - over and over - God loves - forgives - cares - about all of us. Jesus seeks us - to come to Him - He calls us by name - waits for us to respond - directly - to Him - often - in a roundabout way.

Deacon Dale