Thursday, March 12, 2015

Money In The Bank

Money In The Bank is an annual professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by the WWE.  In 2014 the main event was a Ladder match for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship won by John Cena.  Money in the bank - also -  according to the Urban Dictionary - is a phrase used to express generally positive feelings - used to praise - commend - compliment.  Adding an awesome player to the team - Money in the Bank.

When God sent His Son - Jesus - to mankind - He sent - Money in the Bank - His guarantee - to each of us - acceptance - forgiveness - assurance - His commitment - for all ages.  His promise - 2000 years old - as good today - as first spoken.  Jesus is a treasure - a gift from God - available to all - available now. To take your share - no withdrawal slip need - only your word - your promise - like His - to follow Him - to serve your brothers and sisters. Jesus waits - for your word - your acceptance - with interest.

Deacon Dale