Sunday, March 15, 2015

Laetare Sunday

The Fourth Sunday of Lent - Laetare Sunday - celebrated by most western rite liturgical churches - Roman Catholic - Anglican - some Protestant churches - Laetare - translated from Latin - to rejoice. What is it about this particular Sunday of Lent - a period of purple - sadness - reflection - penance - that we see rose - pinkish colored vestments - told to be happy - rejoice.  Is it more than the fact that we are half way through LENT - looking forward to celebrating - Easter - resurrection - new life.  On this Sunday -- God - the Church reminds us - not all is bad - not all is sad - not all needs forgiveness.  There is natural joy in the world - in people - friends - animals - plants - joy that never leaves.

Jesus told us that He came to set a fire on the earth - a fire  in the hearts of men -women - adults - children - a fire to burn brightly - to illuminate lives - to warm hearts - to shed light where there is darkness - to reveal hope for the lost - the lonely - the sick. In Lent - as we reflect on all that Jesus taught - we repent of the times we  failed to acknowledge - celebrate the joy of life.   Jesus shows us the way - He stands at the door - waiting for a knock - from you.

Deacon Dale