Tuesday, March 3, 2015


One of the routine events held during Lent in many churches is the Parish Mission - a time of gathering outside of Holy Mass to discuss in greater detail some aspect of spirituality. The Mission may be presented by a priest - deacon - sister - brother - Catholic educator - evangelist. The format usually combines the weekend homily at all Masses with afternoon or evening sessions for an additional three or four days. The Mission typically ends with a period of reflection and confessions and a Mass of celebration. Through this time of intense study - prayer - reflection - meditation - renewed vigor for one's faith is attained.

Jesus' life was one long Mission - every day seeking the lost - confused - sick - alienated - on the fringe of society. His constant message - love - forgiveness - healing - redemption - salvation. He came for all - not all accepted - He preached to all -not everyone listened - He offered healing to all - not all were healed - refusing to accept the graces He offered - skeptical - not trusting - God. Today the message is the same - God works through His instruments of choosing - Holy men and women - speaking truth - love - exactly as Christ did. Today - through these people - Jesus offers everything to all - acceptance - not by all - waiting - for you.

Deacon Dale