Saturday, March 7, 2015

Acid Wash

The final step in the construction phase of building a swimming pool is the acid wash. After everything else has been completed - the excavation - plumbing - rebar - electrical - shotcrete - sculpting - curing - decking - acrylic layer - interior finish - is the acid wash. The step through which the interior is scrubbed clean - prepared for the initial filling with water - start up with chemicals - turning on the pumps and filters. This last step assures that all has been done well - met multiple inspections by the city - guaranteeing safety - meeting all requirements.

When God calls you - beckons you to come to him - He accepts you - as you are - where you are. There is no requirement for you to clean yourself - no bath necessary - no acid wash - to purify yourself. The only thing He asks of you is an open mind - a willing heart - to draw yourself into His presence - to commit yourself to Him - to become a disciple. As you make this commitment - on your own - you will rid your life of anything that is wrong - impure - unhealthy - for a proper relationship with Jesus - with God. All you have to do is to say YES - Jesus stands - arms open wide - waiting - for you.

Deacon Dale