Friday, March 20, 2015


Taxes have been around since the earliest days - the price for protection - community development - getting rich off the poor. I am in the process of doing my income taxes - early for me - usually left until early April. The hard part - gathering records - income - expenses - deductible - not deductible - digging up obscure receipts - depending on memory. I hate doing my taxes - will not farm the work out - hardest part - getting the necessary information - easiest part - filling out the forms. For those who have already filed - received refunds - congratulations - for those like myself - good luck.

When Jesus was asked if it was right to pay taxes - whose image on the coins - who was in charge - who ran the government - pay the man. As unpleasant as it was - paying taxes the norm. Give to Caesar what is Caesar's - give to God what is God's.  God does not want your money - the Church wants your money - for ministry - evangelization - paying its own way. No - God does not want your money - He wants your heart - not ten percent - not 20 percent - rather - one hundred percent. He wants your love - your attention - your life - to love Him - to serve Him - to help Him make this world better for everyone.  In this Lenten season as you pray - fast - give alms - remember - first - to give your heart - your love away - to God.

Deacon Dale