Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Where's the Beef?

Many years ago one popular fast food chain ran a very successful ad focused on the tag line - where's the beef.  Its ad - challenged competitors - size of the beef patty - small - compared to their own. Their claim to fame - we have the beef - lots of it!  That commercial ran for a long time - increased that chain's sales some thirty percent. Customers loved that ad - in your face challenge - put up - shut up.  From that ad grew others - not related to food products - evolved to mean - give us some real substance - give the people something they can literally - figuratively - sink their teeth into. Even one politician challenged his rival - where's the beef?

When seeking a relationship with Jesus - what you see is what you get. You get all of Him - not just one bit or piece. Nothing remains hidden - His life an open book - easy to digest - easy to assume into your own life. With Him - you receive the greatest - biggest - best available. For modern disciples - we should offer as much - our complete selves - our complete focus - on serving Him - His Father - to the best of our ability - serving Him - His people with one-hundred percent of our energy. Would that  all of us could make that claim - not half hearted - but with complete devotion.  Jesus calls each of us - to a renewed conversion - mind - heart - soul. We pray that He says - well done good and faithful servant - not - "where's the beef?"

Deacon Dale