Monday, March 16, 2015

Stunted Growth

According to Wikipedia stunted growth refers to a reduced growth rate in human development presenting as a manifestation of malnutrition and repeated infections such as diarrhea and parasitic worms. The world is filled with people who suffer with stunted growth - for the most part - most fare pretty well - with shorter height being one of their least concerns in life.  Short people are all around us - not all necessarily victims of stunted growth.  Height is not only a nutrition issue - genetics - ancestral history - playing a large role in growth patterns and height of individuals.  In reality the height of a person is nothing compared  to what resides inside - in the mind - the heart.

Jesus- Himself - not a giant of a man - somewhat short by today's standards - in physical 
characteristics - a giant - spiritually - ethically- morally. Through Him - God showed the true merit lies inside the person - how they think - what they think - how they act - what they say - do - believe.  God asks all of us to  put aside pre-conceived ideas about the value of others - to look with His eyes - to hear with His ears - to love with His heart.  Do this and your Lenten journey - will bear much fruit.

Deacon Dale