Monday, March 2, 2015

Search Light

A searchlight - spotlight - is an extremely powerful source of light used when looking for an object - person - place. Most often the search is for one - something - lost - at risk of danger. A lighthouse will operate very powerful searchlights to seek out boats in danger of running into hidden dangers in the water - helicopters utilize similar searchlights - seeking to locate the search object from the air - police - fire fighters - rescue teams - use those same handheld lights to assist them in their efforts to locate - save - rescue - apprehend - people. It is the size of the light beam - the luminescence generated by the power of the unit - which provide the light needed to see deeply - to seek what is lost. 

Jesus may be considered the original searchlight - seeking the lost - lonely - sick - forsaken - confused. As the source of all love - the light of His heart - more powerful than any man made searchlight. Strong enough to pierce into the heart - the very soul of people. Jesus came to seek - to search - for those who had lost their way - confused by worldly wisdom - unsure of God's plan - for their life. He began His search over two thousand years ago - seeking disciples - followers. His search has never stopped - still seeking - still calling - still lighting the way - to His Heavenly Father. Even now He calls - waiting - for you - to step into His light.

Deacon Dale