Friday, March 6, 2015


It seems as if everyone is constantly having to justify - their actions - decisions - thoughts - actions. We live at a time when almost everyone is guilty of judging others - being judged themselves - explaining their actions. We have become a country where the operating code is - political correctness. Nobody is allowed to make a statement about anything without another calling them to task for what they said - how they said it - why they spoke in the first place. If the spoken word fails to meet every one's expectations - not justified - not correct - declared wrong - insensitive - thoughtless - out of place. As a nation - we walk on eggs - overly careful - to not misspeak - state the obvious - fear repercussions - for thoughts - serious - silly - moments of speaking without thinking. 

God speaks to humankind in various and interesting ways - not always accepted - often at the wrong time - inconvenient - not fitting into our idea of proper timing. In the Temple - Jesus did not ask to speak to the person in charge - instead - overthrowing the money changers' tables - driving people out of the Temple with a whip of cords - not politically correct - insensitive - what was He thinking - what drove Him to action.  God calls each of us to accountability - to Him - to ourselves - to our community. We are bound by His commands - to act - to do - His bidding. The money changers still exist - the wrong people crowd the Temple steps - we stand idly by - watching - fearful - to act. Jesus calls us - as His modern day disciples - to walk boldly - to speak the truth - to live with conviction - to be examples to the lost - the uninformed. It is we - you and I - called to share His Divine love with others - wherever we go - at work - school - shopping - on vacation - wherever.  Jesus speaks - He watches - observing how we live our call - watching - waiting - for you.

Deacon Dale