Friday, March 27, 2015

Let down?

If you spend any time on the Internet now a days you will often come across headlines that want to astound - surprise - draw you deeper into the article.  "Man opens can and what he finds???" - not as big a surprise as one might expect - often the lure - leads to an empty line - no hook at the end - no meat with the potatoes - disappointment.  Everyone is working hard to attract readers to their commentary - article - blog - competing for their attention.

Jesus faces the same issues - He wants our attention - competing with the attractions of  the World - things that assault our senses - filled with empty promises. Once in a while truth wins out - the false attractions - fail to satisfy - what is real - stands head above the crowds. With Jesus - no disappointment - no let down - no false stories. What you see - what you get - His love - compassion - healing - forgiveness - New life - fresh air - renewal. As we end this week of Lent - seek the truth - that is Jesus.

Deacon Dale