Sunday, March 8, 2015

Living Water

If you read this blog regularly - you will know that we have been constructing a new swimming pool - in Arizona. After delays - solid rock - rain - yes - even in Arizona - acid wash - filling the pool - now it is almost ready. Who would think you would fill a 13,000 gallon pool with a garden hose - twenty-four hours later task finished. The pool is filled - water - blue - looking good - final step - tomorrow morning - balancing the pH - adding chemicals - starting the pump and filter. In perhaps twenty-four hours - ready for swimming - living water - energized - ready for relaxation - exercise - enjoyment.

When Jesus met the woman at the well - in today's Gospel - He offered her living water - water that would quench all thirst - fill her with the Holy Spirit of God - bring her life to fulfilment. She pondered how that would be possible - the well was old - deep - Jesus - no bucket. She did not realize that she was talking with the Promised One - the Messiah - the Lord. The living water He promised - salvation - new life in Christ. Today the Church celebrates the first of three scrutinies for the Elect - the focus on water - baptism - cleansing of sins. As the Elect ponder the prayers prayed over them - we - along with them - also ponder this wonderful mystery of God. How does He do this - why would He want us - what does the future hold.  Jesus - smiles - maybe even laughs - the promise of life with God - unfathomable - waiting - waiting for a response - from you.

Deacon Dale