Monday, March 9, 2015

Safety Net

Typically when thinking about a safety net - one will think of high wire acts - tightrope walkers - aerial performers. Anyone working in any capacity at great heights - danger of falling - would be advised to use some type of safety net - protection from serious injury - death. Construction workers - roofers - telecommunication crews - all put themselves in danger - working at extreme heights. Safety vests - netting - rope systems - webbing apparatus - all provide a level of security - safety from injury - death.

In life there are very few safety nets - when really needed - unable to know for sure when danger will occur. Our spiritual life - as unsure as any other part of life - no guarantees - nothing we can do to ensure - heaven - salvation. For Christians - Jesus - our safety net - no ropes - no life vests - only His promise - His guarantee - life eternal - if we believe in Him - hold tightly to our faith - trust in Him - not ourselves. As we ponder - wander though life - Jesus stands waiting - safety net in hand - offering safety - salvation - for you.

Deacon Dale