Sunday, March 1, 2015


When most people hear the word kindle - they immediately think of the e-reader sold by Amazon - originally designed as a convenient way to read and to promote sales of books in an electronic format - today a full fledged tablet with functionality similar to Apple's iPad and other tablet devices. The official definition of kindle means to ignite or set on fire - arouse - inspire - awaken - to bring one to awareness of new and awesome possibilities. As we celebrate the second Sunday of Lent - Holy Mother Church seeks to kindle a renewed love of God - Jesus - the Holy Spirit - within each of us. As the catechumens and candidates in the RCIA process experience today - at Holy Mass - the first of a series of scrutinies - deeper observations of them - their intent - their desire to become Catholic - each of us in the pews - serving at the altar - needs to also look at our intent - desire - to deepen our personal relationship with God. Through prayer - through inspiring homilies - through gestures and responses - through each other - we pray that we are inspired to become the people God intended us to be.

When Jesus said that He came to light a fire on this Earth - He meant a fire in our hearts - minds - souls. He wanted each of us to be completely inspired by Him - the teacher - the healer - the preacher - so that we could attain all that God had promised His people throughout the ages. Many have said yes - been inspired - many - wait - unable to make a decision - a commitment. Over the span of two thousand years - that fire - kindled by Jesus - still burns brightly - still arouses - still inspires. Jesus stands waiting to kindle that fire in your heart - waiting - for you.

Deacon Dale