Saturday, March 14, 2015

Time Change

Many parts of  the world just recently went through a time change - moving the hands of the clock forward - one hour - offering one additional hour to work - play - enjoy - more sunlight. Not every country participates - not every US state - participates. The usefulness often questioned. The origin - thought to benefit farmers - incorrect - originally proposed by a New Zealand entomologist in 1895 - later by by an English builder - who disliked ending his golf game early - due to dusk - in 1905 - first implemented by Germany in April 1916 - as a means to reduce use of coal during World War I.  For some areas - Arizona - daylight saving time - a detriment - increasing use of air-conditioning - increasing use of electricity. 

God sent Jesus to mankind when - time change - seriously needed.  People were going astray - not observing God's plan - doing their own thing - not living the lives He had in mind. Jesus asked - told - begged - people to listen - open their ears - eyes -- to the wonders of God - life available - as a disciple. His message the same today - preached from every pulpit in the world - time for change - time for accountability - time for love - time for being better.  He stands - watch in hand - waiting - watching the time - looking for a change - in you.

Deacon Dale