Thursday, March 22, 2018


There are all kinds of barriers - sidewalk - city streets - highways - entrances to buildings - most erected to keep people out - a safety precaution - watching out for the well being of others.  Other barriers - not focused on a person's well being - erected to segregate - discriminate - to prevent others from joining in an activity - becoming involved in private - secretive events.  Many times these barriers erected by private clubs - exclusively restricted to those of a unique language - ethnicity - financial - social - organization.  It is reasonable - for example - that a knitting group would exclude those who do not know how or have no interest in knitting.  Unfortunately - some barriers - mean spirited - eliminating others for selfish reasons - fear of introducing the unknown - into their group.  Some barriers - perceived - unreal - only a figment of the imagination.  

There are those who for one reason or another - believe that God does not love them - want them - has no interest in them - their lives.  Nothing is further from the truth.  There are a few clerics - religious who may present that image - but in those cases - strictly their individual prejudices - not the organizations they represent.  In regards to the Catholic Church - some believe it a closed organization - open to only Catholics - nothing is further from the truth.  In the Catholic Church - as well as most faiths - people always welcome - invited in - to participate - to inquire - to learn - to become members to worship in community.  The majority of churches with which I am personally acquainted - go out of the way to be welcoming - inviting in the stranger - the lost - those seeking - faith - community.  Just as we welcome all - so does God.  As we come close to the end of Lent - as we prepare for the beginning of Holy Week - we remind all that all barriers to your participation -  have been removed.   Jesus stands at the door - arms open wide.

Deacon Dale