Monday, March 5, 2018

On The Outside Looking In

There are so many people now a days who feel like everyone else is in the - in group - while they are left- outside - all alone - looking in - observing the action - festivities. Except for rare instances - there should never be a time when anyone has to be excluded - left out. The reality - this happens all too often - usually for very selfish - mean reasons.  Often done by some in an effort to ridicule - embarrass - tease.  To those on the outside - not fun - being excluded.  Those who are guilty of  this action - not the type of people with which one should associate.  It is this type of activity that leads some to retaliate - become violent - act out in socially unacceptable behavior.  In Lent - as we look at ourselves - what and how we treat others - this is one sin that definitely needs to be eliminated.  To create a pure heart - a loving heart - one has to make sure not to be guilty of  this activity - even when deemed as just good natured fun.  Taking advantage of others - for laughs - never acceptable.

God has provided us with a world filled with wonders - opportunities for fun - laughter - enjoyment.  There should never be a need to ridicule others - instead we need to affirm - build up those around us.  There are lots of lonely people in this world - lots of opportunity for us - to bring them in from the outside - to include them in our groups - to make  them feel like part of our family - the family of God.

Deacon Dale