Sunday, March 11, 2018

Laetare Sunday

Today is Laetare Sunday - the Sunday when clergy wear pink/rose colored vestments at Holy Mass.  We are now at the halfway point in Lent - half way done - half way to the finish line - a joyful marker in the season of Lent - half way to fulfilling our Lenten exercises. Many at this point - still waiting to begin their Lenten preparation.  No matter what one thinks - always better to have a glass half full than one that is completely empty. Even at this point in time - still plenty of time to have a meaningful Lent.  One only has to start - quit with the excuses - just start now. 

The Church provides this Season in the liturgical year to pause - reflect - examine - our lives - where we have been - where we currently are - where we are heading.   Jesus - always ready - when you are - waiting patiently for you to start - not to chastise - belittle -  offer a hand up - to help you get moving.  Simple prayer - Jesus I trust in you - if He can heal the man born blind - he surely can heal the blindness of your heart - today..

Deacon Dale