Saturday, March 10, 2018

Optical Illusions

We have all been fooled by optical illusions - images that look one way until you blink - then reverse - different image appears. Most common those in print format - in books - magazines - web pages - less common - those that appear in nature.  Driving on a dark highway at night when the space under an overpass appears to be a truck trailer turned sideways - in the middle of a very hot day - when it looks like water on the road - heat waves instead.  Sometimes people create their own optical illusion - acting like one person - hiding their real personality - the proverbial - sheep in wolf's clothing.  Those who intend on deceiving  - passing themselves off as honest persons.

When one comes to the Lord - God does not look at the face - external features - those are important facets of our lives - only one facet.  Instead - God looks at our hearts - what is inside - the true person that we are. In Lent we are asked to look at the world around us - not with our normal eyes - rather the eyes of our heart - to look beyond the obvious - to see the possibilities that each of us are - to see in us what God sees.

Deacon Dale