Sunday, March 4, 2018

Drinking It In

When one is living in a desert - the value of water - quickly learned. In today's Gospel - the woman at the well - confronting Jesus - He asking her for a drink - she asking for Living Water - the bucket brought to the well - left lying on its side - empty.  What appears to be a simple story of an encounter with the Messiah - much more than most realize.  An outcast - a sinner - marginalized by society - forced to seek a basic need of life - water - in mid-day heat - abandoned by friends - family - neighbors - welcomed by The Christ.  Knowing exactly who she is - what she has done - representing you - me - accepted with open arms - forgiven.  In Lent each of us is seeking something - love - tolerance - acceptance - Living Water.  Through many prayers - giving of alms - fasting - we seek....

God - in His greatness - making everything possible.  Lent - the period of introspection - a time of looking deep into - self - the well of our being -  seeking holiness - drinking it in - new life in Christ.

Deacon Dale