Monday, March 19, 2018

Standing Ovation

Everyone who performs - stage - television - sports - in front of an audience - loves it when they receive a standing ovation - acknowledgement of an outstanding - awesome - performance. When anyone puts in great effort - invests time and energy into any project - being recognized by others - an affirmation of ones abilities - talent - worth as a person.  We freely shower those in the limelight with our applause - admiration.

When Jesus spoke before crowds of people - always recognized - not always appreciated - no standing ovations - often the opposite.  Frequently - when speaking the truth - not popular with the crowds.  Nobody enjoys being reminded that they have climbed to a lower level - sunk into the mud and mire of lowliness. Jesus never intended to make people feel bad - rather He wanted them to see that despite themselves - the bad they had done or allowed done - their future still looked positive if they would only see their own potential possible if they listened to God - followed His commands.  This Lent God ask us to reevaluate ourselves - to see in ourselves - what He sees in us.  We are all a possibility - a promise of what can be - our goodness there - waiting to be exposed to  the world - the promise of holiness - rejoicing in His standing ovation.

Deacon Dale