Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Laundry Day

When I was growing up many families had a laundry day - major effort - washing and drying the clothes.  Mom had a fancy washing machine with a roller wringer operated by crank on top of the washer to squeeze water out of the washed clothes - excess dripped back into the washer.  Once wringed out - everything taken outside to hang the clothes on a line - to breeze dry in the outside air.  It took a fair amount of time since washing clothes back then was only semi-automatic and still involved a fair amount of effort.  Drying clothes outside - worked great in warm weather - not so good in cold.  On cold days or in cold months - laundry lines in the basement - to accomplish same thing - minus the sunshine and fresh air.  Today doing laundry - for most - completely automatic - throw clothes in washer - move to dryer - fold and put away - all within footsteps of other daily chores.  Ultimate goal - either way - to end up with white whites - bold clean colors. 

When a person first comes to God - to meet Jesus face to face - there is no need to clean up your life first. First step - most important is to acknowledge God - Jesus as Lord of your life. Once you encounter Christ - He will clean you - where it matters - inside - in your heart - mind.  No need for soap or water - Jesus will give you Living Water - His Holy Spirit - then things will begin to happen. If your Lent has revealed - dust bunnies - dirt - in your life - then let Jesus do the cleansing.  He is mild and pure in heart.- your laundry day with God - the first day of the rest of your life.

Deacon Dale