Friday, March 2, 2018

Wandering Pilgrims

I believe most of those who read this blog know that I - along with my wife - lead pilgrimages. We do an annual local pilgrimage to Chicago - sometimes Wisconsin - Indiana - for a local senior group - in addition to international locations. We have gone to Italy three times - Poland two times - Spain two times - Israel two times and are currently recruiting people to visit Israel - The Holy Land - for a third time.  We began leading pilgrimages back in 2010 and by the end of 2018 will have led a total of ten pilgrimages in eight years. In addition to religious pilgrimages - last year I arranged a two week trip for family to Italy for a group of fourteen and while in Italy arranged and hosted a family reunion for forty people. Every one of these experiences has been different - rewarding - fun.  The one issue that always pops up - those who stray from the group - have a need to explore on  their own - want to wander on their own for self exploration.  This is wonderful when people are confident enough to have the desire to wander on their own in a foreign country - a headache for those who lead  the group - no knowing where all their people are. We have never lost anyone - all eventually gathered back into the group - safe to continue the journey.  We begin our Lenten journey as a group - eventually drifting away from the large group events - often wandering off by ourselves - doing Lent - our way.  Although the entire Church is in the Season of Lent - individual members - encouraged to - wander - seek - search - find - that which will bring them closer to Our Lord.

Arlene at Western Wall - Ladies Section - Israel

God created people as a group of individuals - different colors - body types - nationalities - language - likes - dislikes.  He calls us as a group to draw closer to Him - His Son - Jesus. Not all hear His call - not all who do hear His call - respond. He encourages us to wander - under His umbrella of love - to experience all that He has for us - as individuals - as a group - to grow - this Lent - in Holiness.

Deacon Dale