Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Scream and Shout

There are a lot of reasons to scream and shout - to raise ones voice over all others.  Sporting events - cheering for a favorite team - dangerous situations - warning others to be careful - public protests - unhappy about current events - actions done to attract attention to a situation or issue being generally ignored.  All valid reasons to scream and shout.  In some instances - all one can do. In others - in addition to vocal demonstrations - additional actions possible.  Right now - in America - thousands of youth - adults - protesting current gun laws.  In spite of public mass shootings - hundreds of deaths of innocent people - those in power apparently failing to do anything about the issue.  Things are being done - unfortunately not fast enough or as well executed as hoped.  Youth marching out of schools - screaming that they want to study - gather in a safe environment. Youth are not the only ones who have that care - adults - parents - also carry that same wish - to be safe in any public space - gathering. People argue - more or less gun control - more or less police protection - more or less invasion of  government into personal lives. The old adage - guns don't kill people - people do - not a valid reason.  Unfortunately - life has consequences - how we are raised - the communities we live in - the parents who raise us - those who have major influence on our lives - shape us into the people we become.  Some - possibly many - at one point or another in their life - will act irrationally - going against the norms of society.  Most often - no danger to self or others - once in awhile - extreme action - harming - killing one or more as their only perceived option.  

God created all of us to be His children - living together in community - supporting each other - helping each other in difficult times. Unfortunately - His gift of Free Will - not always used as He would like.  For some - that Free Will - used to act out - harm others. What needs to change is - people - how we react and interact with each other - how we mentor  youth - how we treat people of different cultures - color - language - beliefs. We are all God's children - and should respect each other as such. If Jesus were alive today - He would protest - carry a sign - protesting how we act.  Many of the shootings in schools committed by youth themselves - against fellow youth - because of the way they were treated - singled out - ridiculed for different beliefs - life styles. Unfortunately the youth who are screaming for protection from their fellow youth - the ones who created the situation in the first place - failing to be inclusive - accepting - tolerant of others who are different. We do not need to change guns - they are tools made of metal - what needs to change is people - people who do not exclude - do not ridicule - do not single out those who are different.  God has given us the ability to be people of peace - joy - love.  It is up to each one of us to exercise our Free Will -make the decision to become all that God intended in the first place.  When we accomplish that - then we can gather to scream and shout in joy at what we have accomplished.  It is Holy Week - an awesome time to gather and become the Holy People of God - He created.

Deacon Dale