Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Fork In The Road

When driving -  hiking - biking - without a map or GPS - often difficult to decided which way to go - especially when you come to a - fork in the road - right - left - one way correct - opposite - off into strange uncharted areas - or familiar?  Without prior preparation - you could easily become lost. Before leaving on any journey - best to do some homework - look at maps - ask for directions - landmarks - learning the correct route. When we hiked the Camino de Santiago - The Way of Saint James - in Spain - we had our guide book - maps and concrete pylons containing the Camino shell logo and yellow painted arrows pointing the correct direction.  After almost 400 miles - our path well marked for us.  In spite of this - we did take a few wrong tuns when the yellow arrows had faded - covered over with the growth of shrubs.  Eventually - short delays - back on the path in short order.  The most confusing was an occasional fork in the road with no arrow to point the way - that is when we walked by faith - not sight. 

Fork In The Road

In Lent - everyone walks their own path - their own Camino - journey towards God - towards His Son - seeking to improved their relationship with both - seeking holiness.  Very often our Lenten exercises will bring us to a fork in the road - a place where we have to make a decision - to continue the path we have been following - to take a new direction. When walking with Jesus - walking towards God - there is no wrong path.  All paths - walked in openness - honesty - will eventually lead to God.  Along the way - we will experience  the Divine in new and unplanned ways - drawing us closer to - ourselves - closer to our own holiness.  As long as we keep our eye on Jesus - His Father - we can never go wrong.

Deacon Dale 

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