Thursday, March 1, 2018


The interesting thing about stations - usually fixed - one location - normally always there.  Buses - trains - taxis - all have stations where they usually meet persons - looking to go elsewhere.  The transportation industry - providing the service of helping people to move from one point to another - normally in a reasonable amount of time - usually on a specific time schedule.  Without these stations - persons would become helpless - paralyzed - in their attempts to move on in life.  Going to work - school - church - movies - dates - family events - stalled without the system of stations and schedules.  In Lent - usually Friday evenings - the Stations of the Cross - a journey of time and space - defies the normal concept of time - moves persons from past events - towards future goals.  Praying the Stations of the Cross - most importantly - moving hearts - minds - souls - on a journey - closer to Jesus - His suffering - closer to God.

The Church offers all people the opportunity to take this special journey - to participate in the Stations of the Cross - every Friday - sometimes more often - as a special way to move themselves - spiritually - from whatever point they are at - to a better place - closer to God.  This Lent - join the crowd at any church you can find - Fridays - as scheduled - on your journey - closer to Holiness.  All aboard.

Deacon Dale