Thursday, March 15, 2018

Claim The Crown

Recently we viewed the television series The Crown on Netflix.  The series is about Queen Elizabeth II and her early years as Queen of England.  It is interesting that watching  this series one learns that being a member of the Royal Family is not exactly what many members want.  It fairly accurately reveals the struggles that family members face - the loss of privacy - rules - protocols forced upon them - all in the name of protecting - The Crown. It is easy to see that what is important is not the person who wears The Crown - rather the entire concept of what The Crown represents. The Crown is much more than an ornamental piece of metal worn upon the head - it is the symbol upon which England proclaims - maintains - its status among other countries.  The Crown is - authority - power - strength - wisdom - always keeping the Royal Family as a proper role model for the peoples.

When Jesus went through His trials - temptations - final judgement - hung on a cross - He was given a Crown - of Thorns.  This Crown - not regal in any manner - placed upon His head - mockery of His lack of power - authority - an embarrassment to His followers.  He accepted this Crown - for you - me - the world.  He took upon Himself our sins - our faults - our short comings - that you and I would not have to.  Many would love to be a member of the Royal Family - to wear a Crown. In this Lent - ask yourself which Royal Family you would belong to - the Royals of England - The Royal Family of God - which crown you would wear and why?

Deacon Dale