Saturday, March 31, 2018

Holy Saturday

Day three of the Triduum - tonight at sunset the beginning of the third day of the three holiest days of the Christian calendar. Today - the Church sits in waiting - contemplating the crucifixion of Jesus - the darkness - anguish - anticipation of what is to come.  In the morning - in most churches - decorating for the Easter Vigil and Eater Sunday - the blessing of Easter food baskets - final instructions for the Elect - preparing for tonight's celebration of baptism - reception - first communion - confirmation. The Triduum liturgy will resume at sunset with the lighting of the Easter Fire - the Pascal Candle held aloft as the Light Service begins the Vigil of all vigils.  Holy scripture - many readings - the Epistle - Gospel - an inspiring homily - all leading to the celebration of the initiation sacraments - leading to Holy Eucharist - the reception of Christ in the consecrated bread and wine.  Ending with the solemn blessing and proclamation by the deacon - go forth - proclaim the Gospel of Christ through your life.

The Church gives us these moments - throughout the year - moments in which we touch the Divine - draw nearer to God - reaffirming our faith - our belief - in the Easter event.  The one singular event in all lives - when we become one body - in Christ.

Deacon Dale