Sunday, March 18, 2018

Rise and Shine

Three words that many hate to hear - especially in the morning - rise and shine. Many people value that extra five or ten minutes in their bed - delaying their eventual entrance into the world around them.  Adults and youth alike - love that extra time in a comfy bed - dreading - work - school - daily obligations. For many - hard to fall asleep - stay asleep - once in their happy place - too comfortable to face the upcoming days events - fearing what lies ahead of  them.  When considering work - school - difficult tasks - thoughts most often linger on more pleasurable things - fun - food - pleasing conversations.  
In today's Gospel - Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead - bringing him back from the nether world - to life and all that it held for him.  For his sisters - joy - for His disciples - confusion - for Lazarus himself - resurrection - another day - another chance to get it right.  For the Elect - those contemplating their baptism at the Easter Vigil - new life in Christ. For all of us - continued Hope in the promises of Jesus. Today we begin to seriously pray for those about to join the Church - they in turn pray for us - that we continue to hold to our beliefs - to support them in their journey to New Life in Christ.  This Fifth Sunday of Lent calls us to be alert - to stay the course towards Palm Sunday next week and the start of Holy Week - wakey wakey - rise and shine - now is the time for all.

Deacon Dale