Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Profit and Loss

In the business world profit and loss - primary indicators of how healthy a business is.  Big and small business alike all go through the same processes as they begin - grow - mature - into thriving or failing businesses. In a nutshell it is the task of increasing sales while minimizing expenses - seeking a wider margin between those two numbers.  Success not always measured in dollars - very often a business may be marginal - especially in very small operations - one owner - one employee - earning enough to keep the business alive and providing a reasonable income for the one individual. The service or product provided by that same business possibly could provide important benefits for those who buy or use the product.  Even though dollars earned are small - helping others and providing for oneself - an important gain - definitely a success.
In Lent all of us seek that which is hard to find - holiness.  Some make great effort while others apparently very little - all realizing growth in holiness.  Holiness can not be measured by the same tools used in business.  Holiness is an abstract - intangible - not held in human hands - rather in hearts - minds.  The only similarity to business in regards to profit and loss - what was gained - what was given up.  Losing the tendency to give in to sin - gaining the strength to spend more time with God - leaving behind wasted hours - experiencing growth in faith - unable to measure by normal means.  Only God really knows what change has happened - only God can see into the hearts - minds of each person - only God knows. In Lent we seek - not to please ourselves - only God - to lose any bad in our lives - to profit - from His love - forgiveness - acceptance.  Bottom line - growth in holiness - a winner every time.

Deacon Dale