Monday, March 26, 2018

Lube Job

Anyone who owns a vehicle knows that routinely certain things must be lubricated on their vehicle to keep it in good operating condition.  Keeping certain joints and moving parts well lubricated - essential - especially the vehicle's engine.  Most new vehicles have the option of original oil - semi-synthetic - full synthetic versions from which to select.  The cost of each is different with full synthetic being the most costly - also providing the benefit of lasting longer - equating to fewer oil changes - less inconvenience - promoted as being better for both the vehicle and the wallet at the same time. Oil wears out after thousands of miles of use - it looses its lubricating benefits - becomes dirty over time - thus the need for change. Monday - in many dioceses across the world - the annual Chrism Mass - the one Mass during Holy Week when the local bishop blesses new oils for the Church - to be used throughout the year - until next Easter.  Church oil - unlike the oil for vehicles does not wear out - does not become dirty - does not lose its properties.  Church oil - blessed only once during the year -gets used up - the annual Mass of the Oils - to replenish the oil stock in all churches in each diocese. These oils - Oil of the Infirm (Sick) - Oil of the Catechumens (Salvation) - Holy (Sacred) Chrism - used in the celebration of the sacraments. 

God imposes His blessings - grace to those who are anointed with the Church Oils. For those who are sick or preparing for surgery - for baptisms - last rites - ordination - consecration of churches - altars - all a very important part of these celebrations.  The oil - a tangible substance - carries with its slippery - oily feel - the presence of God - into the lives of people everywhere.  His oil - lubricates the heart - minds - spirits - of the faithful found around the globe. It is universal - one size fits all - every time - everywhere. Nothing synthetic - pure olive oil - perfume added to Sacred Chrism - authentic grace from our Heavenly Father - made available for all those who believe in the promises of God. 

Deacon Dale