Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Final Destination

When people travel - their focus primarily on their final destination - time of arrival - who or what is there.  Plans are made to accommodate - meetings - family - events.  Looking forward to whatever it is that draws them to their destination - what they wish to accomplish - who they want to meet - things they wish to do.  Side trips during free time - viewing - visiting local attractions - dining at special places - experiencing local cuisine - speaking with people from that area - to gain additional insights of the region.  Many miss the real experience - focusing only on the departure and arrival - missing everything in the middle. The saying - getting there - half  the fun.  Every trip has a beginning and end - but what happens between those to points?  When flying - usually restricted to the flight and time on the airplane - on connecting flights - where is the connection - is there time to investigate that location - experience more?  When driving - walking - lots of opportunities to stop - take a break - visit attractions along the way - fill your travel experience with so much more. Walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain - 500 miles from start to finish - never a straight line - thousands of opportunities to stray from the path - making the journey even more than just a long hike.

Life is a journey - all start in the cradle - end in a grave - the journey itself so different for everyone.  As we journey through Lent our focus - on our life - where we have been - where we are going - focusing on Jesus - His birth - life - death - resurrection - what it meant to Him - what it means to us.  This Lent - walk on pilgrim - enjoy the journey.

Deacon Dale