Monday, March 12, 2018

Playing Dominoes

We were introduced to the game of Dominoes a few years ago and one thing we have learned - one game where the rules seem to evolve as you play.  With one group of friends - their rules - with another group - different rules.  Recently we gathered with four family members and as we advanced through each round - the rules kept becoming more and more complex. In an effort to explain one rule - we developed a new additional - revised rule. During the course of thirteen rounds - rules modified at least six times. To say that it became very interesting - an understatement. 
When God created the World - when He revealed Himself to His people - simple rules - 
I will be your God - you my people - do as I say.  Jesus clarified those rules - after they had become more complex with so many do's and don't do's - Love the Lord your God with all your heart - mind - soul - and your neighbor as yourself. What should be so easy - simple - we have made complicated. This Lent uncomplicate your life - get back to the basics - do as God - Jesus - said.  Your Lent will be much more meaningful.

Deacon Dale