Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Cleanup In Aisle 7

We have all heard that voice calling from the sky - cleanup in aisle 7 or whichever aisle has been destroyed by a wild child or careless customer.  Usually not a matter of just one can rolling around on the floor - more like an army troop just came through - tank and all.  A major mess that needs to be taken care of immediately to avoid customers slipping - falling - their shopping rushing to a halt.  Sometimes the result of a poorly constructed tower of cans or boxes - more often the result of someone who doesn't know how to properly handle a shopping cart - running straight into someone's beautiful - creative display.  One can only wonder - how - why - who.

In Lent each of us constructs an action plan - how we will "do" Lent - when - where - how - listing goals to be accomplished - enjoying small achievements along the way. The best laid plans of mice - men - often go astray - in a major way.  False starts - wrong turns - poor scheduling - all parts of a failed plan.  All - resulting in - frustration - disappointment.  We are now in the  third week of Lent - plenty of time to regroup - start over - write a new plan. God does not expect quantity - quality of efforts - a much better barometer of what we have accomplished.  If you are one who is coping with a poor start - relax - there is still plenty of time to have a fruitful experience.  Trust in God - say to yourself - Jesus I Trust in You - It will be just fine.

Deacon Dale