Thursday, June 7, 2012

Catholic Education

Have you ever wondered who is qualified to teach matters of faith? We can only assume that Catholic priests and deacons would all be more than qualified because of their training and ordination. Does the list of qualified teachers end there - of course not. Many lay people are more than qualified - the difference is in the manner and depth of belief attained by them. I have known many such teachers of both kinds. Some dedicated people teach from their heads and knowledge base  - others teach from their hearts but lacking in knowledge. I personally prefer a third type - those who teach from their hearts and a great love of Jesus - and - with true knowledge of what they teach. Teaching is best accomplished by those who are able to teach with passion - in teaching religion - especially Christianity - the teacher must be passionate about the "Passion" of Christ - His awesome act of sacrifice - His love for you and me.
Jesus taught with "Passion" and that is why the Jewish leaders feared Him - His passion - His love - His declaration that Heaven was available for everyone. Anyone who is seeking God's presence in their life only has to pray the "sinners" prayer - ask God for mercy and accept Him as their Lord and Savour. He is available - right now - go ahead - He is listening!

 Deacon Dale