Monday, June 11, 2012

Three Generations - Poland Pilgrimage 7b

While at Malbork Castle we visited numerous displays available to the public. We viewed a collection of Amber and Amber jewelry - many hand carvings - collections of swords and battle vestments worn by the knights. One unique piece caught our attention and is shown below. It is a statue of Saint Mary - her mother Saint Anne - and Jesus. Never before had we ever seen Holy Mother - Grandmother and Jesus depicted in a statute or painting. It immediately made me think of all the multi-generational pictures that are printed in newspapers celebrating the longevity of families. Here in this piece of carved wood is a three generation depiction of Jesus' maternal family - very unique indeed.
Jesus came to us as an infant and grew into the most important man ever to walk the earth. In His own life and in ours He blesses and holds close to His heart the model of family. Today you are invited to bring your family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus - to be Loved by Him - to experience His closeness. He wants only the best for all of us - Trust Jesus - Trust His Most Sacred Heart.

Deacon Dale