Monday, June 25, 2012

Defending the Faith

As you would expect - Roman Catholics are often called upon to defend their practice of Catholicism - as I am sure many other people of other faiths have done. Although I am a fairly staunch Catholic - I personally prefer to leave decisions about faith up to God's Hand.   Rather than try to force feed my beliefs upon another person - I like to sit back - smile - and watch God do His Work. And - amazingly enough- He does! When given the opportunity to add my own voice in another's faith journey - I very willing jump right in.  It is always rewarding to see how God works in people's lives and the results. As a Catholic when you are called to defend your faith - you need to arm yourself with good resources.  I recently came across two of these - blogs written by recent converts to Catholicism. One blog is by a young lady who I knew as a teen and was Catholic at the time - but then wandered - and recently came home to the Catholic Church. I encourage you to check out her blog at The Recovered Catholic.  The second blog is one I just came across that reads just as well as the first at St Paul's Center for Biblical Theology. 
Jesus calls each of us to personal conversion again and again.  At first He calls us to make a personal commitment to Him and then He calls us to continually turn our lives back to him day after day. Being a committed Catholic Christian is a task that never ends. There is so much that exists in the world today that tries to turn our vision away from Jesus - that we have to constantly turn back - to experience conversion over and over again. Best news - Jesus is holding our hands the entire time!

Deacon Dale