Friday, June 8, 2012

Stations at Jasna Gora - Poland Pilgrimage 5c

Walking and praying the Stations of the Cross is always a special spiritual devotion observed by many. Typically done during Lent - it is also observed on many retreats. While visiting the Jasna Góra  Monastery at Częstochowa with our friends in the Irish - Scot group we were invited to join them as they walked and prayed the Stations located there. Because construction was going on at the time the only safe way to accomplish this was from the roof of the Shrine. It is interesting that as part of the re-construction a walkway has been built into the roof to safely allow pilgrims the ability to walk around while looking at each Station. The Station shown in the pircture is actually some four stories tall. Many pilgrims have been known to pray the Stations at ground level - while progressing from one station to another on their knees
When you come to God and ask Him to become a part of your life you do not have to drop to your knees - unless you feel that is the thing to do. God is less interested in the position of your legs and feet than He is in the position of your heart. Is your heart cold and stony - have you stoned yourself against life and the love offered you by God? Or - is your heart fleshy and loving - seeking all that is good and wholesome in your life? Only you can answer that question - only God can change your heart from a stone cold one to a loving warm one. Ask Him today - ask Him in humility - He will make it new!

Deacon Dale