Sunday, June 24, 2012


Outrageous - i.e. wildly exaggerated or improbable - going beyond all standards of what is right. So what is outrageous you ask - lately it seems like so many things qualify for being outrageous. The way people walk all over each other and then ask "why?" - the promises made to get elected but never get honored - people who commit a crime and end up being rewarded damages because they injured themselevs in the act of committing the crime and more. So today my wife and I took a break from our other commitments and decided to "take a drive" with the new puppy so he can get adjusted to riding in the car. While driving around Lake Michigan we happened on a private road that we wandered down and stumbled upon some very nice looking beachfront houses. Being curious - I stopped our car and flagged down a police car that was slowly patrolling the area - the first sign that this was a special neighborhood. I introduced myself and asked him to tell me about the area.  As I thought - it was a very special area - with the "big" house up the road valued at ten million dollars! The outrageous part - he pointed out a vacant lot that was for sale - approximately one acre in size - bare land - priced at $ 2.8 million dollars - and the kicker - they will get it he said.
Maybe you don't think that is outrageous or perhaps you are one of those skeptics that believe that outrageous things don't exist. As a person of faith I only have to point my finger at Jesus - just as His cousin John the Baptizer did. There - with finger extended - "there is the Lamb of God,  who takes away the sin of the world." (John 1:29-30) Jesus was considered outrageous by many who listened to His words and experienced His presence in their lives. From those who sat on damp ground listening to His "Sermon on the Mount" to those healed by His touch - all of them would state - outrageous! To those of us today who know Him as Lord - as Teacher - as God Incarnate - we too make such a claim. You can experience Jesus in this way - you simply have to ask Him into your heart - to take control of your life - to give yourself up to Him. That - would be outrageous!

Deacon Dale