Friday, June 29, 2012

Your Wait Time Will Be.....

That dreaded message when you call a business or organization - "Your wait time will be..." then they state the time - anywhere from a few seconds to unbelievably long wait times. I realize that everybody has peak periods when they have to put your phone call on hold - but waiting fifteen minutes or longer is really unacceptable - and yet - if important enough - we wait. The real reason for such protracted wait times is not because of the volume of calls but rather the lack of staff to handle the calls.  In an effort to streamline operations and to reduce the expense of payroll - all too many organizations have made the decision to sacrifice customer service in an effort to beef up their bottom line - as a way to stay financially solvent or to increase personal profits. While you can understand and sympathize with the organization that is struggling financially - it becomes very irritating when it is done by a mega-billion operation that is not struggling.  The cutbacks in staffing when not justified - but fueled by corporate greed are unacceptable.
Thankfully when dealing with God - there are no cutbacks or layoffs. God does not short change anyone. When you need God's attention - He is there. When you call to Jesus in prayer - He is there. When you are hurting and lonely - He is there. Whenever you need Him - whatever the situation - no matter how serious or minor - He is always there.  Jesus - the One who Loves You - always has time for you - immediately!

Deacon Dale