Tuesday, June 12, 2012


To most people when you mention DC you get the comment Washington DC? And yes I was just in Washington DC with my wife so she could attend a conference on bioethics for the hospital. While there we took advantage and spent some time with our oldest son who took us to the "mall" to visit the World War II Memorial and the new Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. Both were very impressive - honoring an individual on the one hand for trying to bring peace to the Nation's peoples - and a group of individuals who fought for the exact same thing in a different theater. It is heartwarming and sad at the same time that people are willing to give their lives for peace and unfortunately some actually lose their lives in the process. 
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
World War II Memorial

DC has also been used to denote another group of people who have fought for peace - disciples of Christ. Many men and women have fought and shed blood to bring the Gospel message to others. Fear - bigotry - ignorance - fan the flames of distrust - and so - although on a peaceful mission - seeking to serve Christ - even in today's enlightened world - modern day disciples are treated poorly. In spite of this - those who truly believe - keep on with the task of spreading God's message - it is only the right thing to do - honoring the call to true discipleship with Jesus at our side.

Deacon Dale