Thursday, June 21, 2012

Silence is Golden..

Maybe it is just me but I do not understand the phrase - "people of color". Is that suppose to be a nice way to indicate that somebody's skin color is different from your own? What is it with people who have to focus on the obvious - which has no bearing on anything of value? Pretty ridiculous is it not? What do we say when we notice the seriously over or under weight - or the extremely short or tall - or those who limp or are missing extremities - why is it that we feel that we have to make any comment at all? Would it not be better to avoid saying anything at all -focusing instead on the positive - rather than the negative. .

The phrase "silence is golden"  is reported to date back to ancient Egypt and meant about the same that it means today - better to keep silent rather than speak stupidly. Jesus calls each of us to speak the Truth - openly and freely. He calls us to proclaim love - not observations of no value. He calls us to build up - not tear down - to create not destroy.  When we lack the proper words - then we are called to silence.

Deacon Dale