Wednesday, June 27, 2012

For Greater Glory

The movie For Greater Glory which is currently in theaters - is about the Cristeros War of 1926-1929 in Mexico. It is the story of religious oppression and the response of the people to that oppression. It is a sad story - not only because of certain events portrayed - but also because no government should ever feel it has the right to suppress religious freedom. Unfortunately that has happened more than once in more than one country. Currently our own government is trying to do that very thing with the current HHS Mandate - an action which if successful sets the stage for the government making regulations about other facets of American Life. The argument is not really about health care - it is about liberty of all Americans. You do not have to be Catholic to stand up and speak out against liberties taken away from yourself and your neighbors. 
Struggles such as this can only be won through the intervention of God. It is up to you and me to storm the gates of heaven with our prayers. Jesus can and will change the hearts of men and women so that all liberties may be protected. We need to pray for ourselves, our families and each other. Through prayer - through constant ardent prayer - God will reign supreme - for His Greater Glory.

Deacon Dale