Thursday, June 21, 2012

Garage Sale

Garage Sale! What excitement that sign brings - unbelievable deals - low prices - extra money in the pocket - hours of hauling old things you no longer want or need - giving it all away at the end just to be rid of it!  I, myself, am not a fan of garage sales. It bothers me that so many people who hold garage sales - end up giving away items for far less than they are worth. A twenty-five dollar pair of slacks - worn once or twice - out the door at fifty cents!  A fifty dollar light fixture - replaced because you remodeled - carried away for five dollars. I find it very difficult understanding why the purchaser feels they have the right - are entitled - to buy a slightly used item at a mere pittance - and the homeowner feels that their possessions basically - have unbelievably little value.
God does not do garage sales - everything He created is beyond value! From the smallest insect to the tallest mountains - all have value beyond compare! Each of us is worth much more than  we would believe. When God created us He broke the mold - each of us is a one of a kind creation. You will never find God offering you up to anyone - you are His and His alone - your value is beyond compare!

Deacon Dale