Monday, June 11, 2012

New Life - Poland Pilgrimage 8b

This photo shows the baptism font in which George - the husband of our friend Dona from Gdansk - was baptized as an infant. It is very ornate and reflects the importance that Catholics around the world place on baptism. Some Christian faiths wait to baptize their members until they are old enough  - or at the age of "reason". However in the Roman Rite - baptism is conferred upon all who ask - or upon those too young to ask for themselves. Baptism is one of the seven sacraments celebrated in the Roman Church - in each sacrament Grace is received from God. It is through the Grace of God that Catholics are able to live and function in the World around them. Some scripture verses hint at but do not specifically mention infant baptism - but a few references are given that mention entire families or the young. In the Roman Rite baptism is often referred to as the "gateway" sacrament since none of the other six sacraments can be cellebrated without first being baptized.
There are many ways that Jesus comes to us - both sacramentaly and otherwise. He comes in both Word and Sacrament - in Sacred Scripture and In Holy Eucharist. For each of us we pray Come Lord Jesus - fill my life today.

Deacon Dale